Martin Greffe

Global Game Jam - January 2017

First person shooter with rhythm. BEAT takes place in a crocodile maestro's apartment. Be aware of the minions and use soundwaves to release them from their inner cacophony.

WIP : Click on play to start the game, best experience with a gamepad (Right Stick to move view, Right Trigger to shoot, Left Trigger to protect yourself, the game end when you or the enemy dies).

3D assets production and work on exporting voxel from 3DS Max.

Made with UnrealEngine

Executables and sources

©Jean-Baptiste Dumont : 3D, 2D ©Martin Greffe : 3D, son ©Noureddine Hadj-Djilani : Programmer ©Celia Nekoui : 3D ©Maxime Richard : Programmer