Martin Greffe

For Your Eyes Only - September-March 2017

Position on the project : art director

For Your Eyes Only is an asymetrical multiplayer stealth and strategy game developed using Unity and playable on PC and tablets simultaneously

The game takes place in a dystopic futuristic world where hackers take it upon themselves to liberate mankind’s cultural legacy from the political and financial elite of a ruthless plutocracy. To that end, they’ll have to breach into computer networks heavily guarded by security systems called « sentinels ». For each side, victory resides in strategy, discretion and deceit.

For Your Eyes Only being an asymetrical game, each player enjoys a distinct brand of gameplay. One player, called « the Infiltrator », plays on a PC with a Xbox 360 gamepad. They control the virtual avatar of a hacker that secretly penetrated a secure network, manifested by a physical environment within the game. They have to navigate the level without being detected, reach their goals before the time expires and eventually escape. On that side, the gameplay is that of a traditional 3rd person stealth/action game – a la Metal Gear Solid, Hitman, etc.

The other player, called « the Sentinel », plays on tablet with intuitive touch controls. They take control of a security system, controlling guards and cameras that the Infiltrator has to avoid or a subvert. Using a top-down view, they have to spot the intruder, using only the sound waves he emits when moving and the feed from their surveillance devices. It’s then up to the Sentinel to trap the enemy and eliminate them before their objectives are complete. Here, we have a more slow-paced, tactical and strategy-based gameplay.

Over a local network wireless connection, the two players wage a breathtaking battle of wits, mixing stealth, trickery and chases in a labyrinthine architecture.

Anthony Bernard

Anthony Bernard